Current issue: 4/2016


Tomáš Dvořák at Alfa Theatre (study)

Talking to Tomáš Dvořák About Anything But Puppets (An interview with Tomáš Dvořák)

Tomáš Always Needs Something to Fight (An interview with Jan Dvořák)


Combining Puppetry and Dance in the Czech Theatre Context (Discussion)

Teaching is a Learning Experience (An interview with Radim Vizváry)

The Body as a Puppet (An interview with Miřenka Čechová)

Krofta Taught Us to Tell Stories (An interview with Lukáš Trpišovský and Martin Kukučka)

The Strength of Theatre is in Metaphors (An interview with Helena and Pavel Štourač)

Alternative Theatre and Puppet Theatre – Symbiosis or Coexistence? (Discussion)

Mehedaha, Ganga Between Prague and Gottwaldov

Nikl, the Puppet Master on Strings (An interview with Petr Nikl)

Come to Me, Elephant! (An interview with František Petrák and Tomáš Volkmer)

Krepsko is a Playground of Ideas and Inspiration (An interview with Linnea Happonen and Jiří Zeman)

The Quivering Magic of Krepsko (A Review of Edgar’s Echo and AnnaBerthaCecilia)

The Demiurges of the Niche

Limitations are Inspiring (An interview with Handa Gote)

Puppeteer – Actor – Performer (study)

The Alternative (study)

So Far Away And Yet So Dangerously Close (study)


A Journey from Alfa to the Centre of the Earth (A Review of Cesta do středu Země)

An Escapist’s Room (A Review of 28 dní)

How a Tick Became a Hero (A Review of Komáři se ženili aneb Ze života obtížného hmyzu)

The Divine Birthday Boy at a Heavenly Party (A Review of Ježíšek Superstar)

A Lack of Confidence in Puppets (A Review of Přisámbůh!)


The First Impulse for the Youngest Audience (Bábkarská Bystrica 2016)

The Second Impulse at Banská Bystrica (Bábkarská Bystrica 2016)

Notes from Přelet (Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem 2016)


Erik 2016


Puppets Between Theatre, Film and TV 1960–1970 II


In the Same River Twice

A Good Textbook is Always Helpful (An interview with Michaela Homolová)

90 Years with Hurvínek or Titbits from the Archive

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