Current issue: 1/2017


The First Lady of the History of Czech Puppet Theatre (Alice Dubská)


Finding the Right Approach Together

A Lack of Talent is Immediately Obvious (interview with Marián Pecko)

I Love Discovering the Spectrum of Puppetry (interview with Ida Hledíková)

The Appreciation of Puppet Theatre Keeps Growing (interview with Lucyna Kozień)

Polish-Czech-Slovak Puppetry Contacts in Silesia (study)

I Have Always Felt More Free as a Foreigner (interview with Jakub Krofta)

Hungarian Puppetry Has a Healthy Confidence (interview with Milada Boráros)

Czech-Slovak-Hungarian Relationships in the Puppet Arts

Animation Trumps Metaphor

All Schools Will Give Their Best to the Programme (interview with Jiří Havelka and Michal Somoš)

Transformations of the Puppet (studies)


A Posturing Show (review of Bajaja)

The Allure of Black and White Jellyfish (review of There Are Places Favoured by Darkness Where Nothing Ever Hides on Remote Islands)


Marionette Theatre is Still Immensely Powerful (interview with Jan Novák)

A Unique Contribution to the History of Czech Amateur Puppetry (Review of the book The Phenomenon of Czech Puppetry – Oldest Amateur Puppetry Groups)


Puppets between Theatre, Film and TV 1960–1970 III

Animated Film in the Visegrad Countries


What to Expect of UNESCO?

UNESCO – FAQ (interview with Simona Cigánková)

Is Contemporary Czech Puppet Theatre an Endangered Species?


Jan Borna (1960–2017)

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