Spectaculo interesse

Current issue: 2/2017


The Knight of Slovak Puppet Theatre / Personified Memory of Slovak Puppet Theatre (Interviews with Vladimír Predmerský


Puppetry Moves in Mysterious Ways (An interview with Nina Malíková)

The Mecca of Puppets

Our School Is Open to the World (An interview with Éloi Recoing)

General Knowledge of Puppet Theatre is Poor (An interview with Raphaèle Fleury)

The Dramaturgy of Dreams (An interview with Philippe Genty)

A French Connection in Chrudim

A Hidden Treasure of Puppetry

Puppet Theatre Suffers from a Lack of Acknowledgement (An interview with Dimitri Jageneau)

We Have to Fight against Misconceptions (An interview with Sabrina Baran)

The Discovery of Theatre

The Making of a Cover


Four Premieres at Polárka in Brno

Lampion One Year Later

The Dramatic Fates of the Pioneers of Animation (A review of of Dodals)

Reading the Mind of Jozef Mokoš (A review Reading the Mind of a Puppeteer and Poet)


On Pavel Vašíček’s Birthday

Director, Dramaturg and Historian

I Mainly Want to Keep on Living a Perfectly Ordinary Life (An interview with Pavel Vašíček)


Puppets between Theatre, Film and TV 1960–1970

Animation in the French-Speaking Countries


It’s Important to Believe in Puppets (An interview with members of the jury Josef Brůček, Michal Drtina, Blanka Šefrnová and Mirka Vydrová about the regional amateur festivals)

What to Expect of UNESCO? II

Josef Skupa – The Birth of a Modern Artist


Všudybylovo dobrodružství – The Link between Czech Puppet Theatre and Film

Helena Štáchová (18 November 1944–22 March 2017)

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