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Current issue: 4/2017


The Man Afead of His Time (An Interview with Karel Makonj)

Karel Makonj in Minor


Puppetry in the UK

Is Punch and Judy Too Violent for Modern Audiences?

Puppets Are Still a Marginal Art Form

The Wood and the Waterfall

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Puppet

The Pig Puppets Who Have Conquered the World of TV

A Brief Insight into Irish Puppetry

Puppetry Is a Relatively New Art Form (An Interview with Emma Fischer)

Puppets and Puppeteers in the USA

The Czech Contribution to World Puppetry is Undeniable An Interview with Nancy Lohman Staub)

From Muppets to Animatronics

He Was a Wonderful Man and a Great Father (An Interview with Cheryl Henson)

Radical Puppeteer Peter Schumann

Meeting Schumann Was a Very Educational Experience (An Interview with Jana Svobodová)

Peter Schumann the Sincere

Theatre Between the Sand and the Stars

A Brief Overview of Australian Puppetry

Puppetry in New Zealand

Contemporary Australian Puppetry (An Interview with Richard Bradshaw)

Czech Traces in Australia


The Last Premiere in Lampion Theatre under Braňo Mazúch (A Review of Mijoko and the Star)

Bajaja, the dragon and the Intellectual Horse (A Review of Bajaja)

Kašpárek Struggles in Egypt (A Review of Kašpárek and the Mummy)

The Honey Queen (A Review of The Honey Queen)


Adults Don´t Understand Children´s Imagination (A Review of Pozor, děti, přijela k nám pouť!)

Cleaned Up Fairy Tales Won´t Help Anyone (An Interview with Jiří Ondra)


Spectaculo Interesse Seeks the Perfect Image of Real Life (Spectaculo Interesse)

Spectaculo Has Become Globalised? (Spectaculo Interesse)

Spectaculo Interesse 2017 as an Obligation and a Challenge (Spectaculo Interesse)

On Birds and Overhead Projectors (Budiž stín!)

Přelet on a Wave of Fairy Tales


Erik 2017

The Most Inspiring Show of the Year has a Name That No One Remembers (An Interview with Filip Homola)


Puppets Between Theatre, Film and TV 1970–1980

Puppetry and Other Forms of Animation inth UK, USA and Australia

Jan Merta Celebrates 90

František Sokol (1931–2017)

Týden uměleckého vzdělávání a amatérské tvorby 2018

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