Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem

Current issue: 3/2017


Living and Breathing Puppetry (The paper on Věra Říčařová, originally written for the book (O)hlasy žen v české kultuře (The Voices of Women in Czech Culture))

My Life with Puppets (an interview with Věra Říčařová)


I Think There’s a Lot to Build On (an interview with Nina Malíková about the influence of German-speaking cultures on the Czech lands)

I Found a Treasure in Puppets (an interview with Annette Dabs, director of the Deutsches Forum für Figurentheater und Puppenspielkunst and the international puppetry festival FIDENA)

Even the Best Cannot Avoid Making Fairy Tales (an interview with Monika Gerbocová, a Slovak theatre director and the head of the ensemble theatre in Zwickau)

A Brief Overview of the History of Puppetry in Austria

We Will Keep Fighting (an interview with Cordula Nossek, organiser of the puppetry festival in Mistelbach and the chairwoman of the Austrian chapter of UNIMA)

The Vintage Beauty of Illusive Theatre (an interview with Barbara Heuberger, director of the Marionettetheater Salzburg)

Following Teschner’s Footsteps in Vienna (an interview with the restorer of Teschner’s puppets Angela Sixt)

I Have a Great Relationship with Puppets (an interview with the author of many scholarly papers, director and curator Hana Ribi-Štěpková)

Puppetry Remains Very Popular in the Netherlands (an interview with Frans Hakkemars, member of UNIMA Nederland, one of the editors of World of Puppetry and a member of the international Publishing Committee at UNIMA)


Where Theatre Tastes Like Apples (A review of Středa nám chutná, a new show by the Theatre of Puppets Ostrava)

With Peřina et al. on the Road (A review of Tři siláci na silnici, Alfa Theatre of Plzeň)

Sleeping Beauty Teaches History (A review of K čertu s Růženkou, Naïve Theatre of Liberec)


“Hrnky brnky”, “Bzzz”, “Pšt”, “Ťuk” and “Frrr”! (An overview of Vít Peřina’s entire dramatic oeuvre)

I’m Rarely Satisfied with My Plays (An interview with dramaturg and playwright Vít Peřina)


I Love Playing on Multiple Levels at Once (an interview with the art director of the Rámus group from Plzeň Zdena Vašíčková)


Mateřinka Full of Imagination (Mateřinka festival)

Verdict of the Jury of Mateřinka 2017

Puppeteer’s Chrudim in the Sign of a Celery and Two Plums (Puppeteer’s Chrudim festival)

Verdict of the Jury of Loutkářská Chrudim 2017


Bábková Žilina Was a Delight for the Eyes and for the Soul

(A report from the Slovak festival Bábková Žilina)

I’m Learning As Much As the Students Are (An interview with Katarína Aulitisová, one of the two directors and actors of Piki Theatre, teacher at the VŠMU and an art director of Bratislava Puppet Theatre)

On the Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth, on Beauty, Ugliness, Honey, Dust and Other Substances (A review of the Med a prach (Honey and Dust) group´s production)

The New Theatre’s Story, or You Need the Will to Create

(Reviews of Kúpalisko and Kozliatka a vlk)


Puppets between Theatre, Film and TV 1960–1970 V

Animation in German-Speaking Countries


Kanguru – UNIMA’s Humanitarian Mission


Space, Matter and Theatre As Seen by Petr Matásek

Petr Matásek – Friend and Colleague

Actors, Puppets, Kinetics, and Poetry

Emil Havlík Celebrates Ninety

Emil Havlík in His Own Words


The Montmartre on Letná with Puppets

Some Theatres Carry Memories of My Childhood (an interview with the author of the new puppetry exhibition at the Scarabeus Gallery Kateřina Ebelová).

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