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Workshops 2017

Puppets in Prague has announced workshops for the next year.

They are bringing back our popular Skeleton marionnette workshop plus for the first time a Four dancers marionnette workshop – four marionettes strung on one controller. ​Classic workshops in marionette carving and puppets for film animation, plus the ever-popular month-long carving and performance workshop will be also available.


Skeleton Dancing- 27 February – 8 March

Puppets for Film Animation- 26 April – 9 May – includes trip to Anifilm International Film Festival

Marionette Carving – 12–27 June

Carving and Performance- 8 August – 3 September – perform at Prague’s Letni Letna Festival

Four Dancers Marionette – 9–19 October

More information here.

Puppets in Prague, 25. 10. 2016

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Bábkarská Bystrica Tour 2018

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