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New Czech Puppet Films

Two new animated puppet films were finished recently, both co-produced by Czech TV.

One of them is Lenka Ivančíková’s ambitious The First Snow, a thrilling and yet charming story of a hedgehog who wakes up in the middle of his hibernation. Despite its simplicity, the film is wonderfully structured and features flawless puppet animation.

První sníh, Lenka IvančíkováFoto: archiv

Miloš Zvěřina chose an entirely different topic in Transport R. His poetic but chilling story of hope and solidarity in the face of evil is primarily intended for children and young people. The story of seven puppets, exact replicas of those made by child prisoners in the Terezín ghetto, takes place in a rail car before the journey to a concentration camp.

Transport Er, Miloš Zvěřina Foto: Česká televize

Both films will be shown at the international animated film festival Anifilm in Třeboň (3–8 May 2015).

Malvína Balvínová, 7. 3. 2016

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