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Z výstavy České loutkové divadlo v Soulu_výřez z plakátuFoto: archiv IDU

Great Success of an Exhibition of Czech Puppets in Korea

The exhibition titled Three Perspectives of Czech Puppet Theatre curated by Nina Malíková and Martina Černá, which provides a brief but representative overview of the rich tradition and varied present of Czech puppet theatre, was first presented to the public at the Performing Arts Market in Seoul in October 2015 as part of the representation of the Czech Republic.

In early January, it relocated to the ABC Happy Training Town culture centre and gallery in Sihŭng where it opened on 13 January 2016. While originally scheduled to return to the Czech Republic in mid-February, the exhibition was met with such interest in Korea that it will stay there until the end of September. In April, it will be moved to the Historical Museum in Seoul.

-red-, 7. 3. 2016

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