X International Puppet Theatre Festival “Petrushka the Great”

Festival is going to be held from 10 till 14 of September 2020 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

This year the Festival’s topic is “Puppet Theatre: the Joint of Times”.

Since 2002 every two years the Ekaterinburg Puppet Theatre has been holding the International Puppet Theatre Festival “Petrushka the Great”. The festival has become one of the most prestigious puppet theatre festivals in Russia, raising the creative and entertainment levels.

The aim of the festival is search, support and propaganda of the most interesting creative projects of the puppet theatres, which promotes the development of Russian theatre, strengthens cooperation between Russian and foreign theatres.

The festival is competitive and includes showings of the performances of theatres-participants, discussions of the shows, master-classes, creative meetings with stage masters.


- the organizing committee covers meals and accommodation for the groups up to 10 people, as well as internal transfer, affording the stages and assistance in the preparation of the shows.

- if the group exceeds 10 members, the expenses for the additional persons should be covered by the company – participant. The travel expenses are covered by the company – participant. Fees are not provided.

Organizers really hope that eventually, you will be able to find some subventions with the help of your country’s cultural institutions and/or sponsors.

If you are interested, please fill-up the application form below and send it to us with the full-length video of the show you think is most representative.

The applications are accepted until 01 of March 2020. The shows will be selected by the expert committee.

Tatyana Kolosnitsyna, 2. 1. 2020

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