Figura Theaterfestival in Baden

In 2020, at the 14th Figura Theaterfestival in Baden, Switzerland, the Cantonal Council of Aargau will award the ninth Grünschnabel (Greenhorn) prize. 

14th International Biennale of Puppetry and Visual Theatre in Baden will take place on the 16.th – 21th June 2020. The Grünschnabel (Greenhorn) Prize – Aargau’s sponsorship award for a young puppet theatre company – worth 10,000 Swiss Francs, it will go to a young theatre company starting out professionally and working in an original way with puppets and objects.

Greenhorn is encouragement and it is commitment at the same time. It is recognition helping you get aware that what you are doing is not just taping your own shoulder. And it is financial support saying here you are, create, work, grow, build, do all that and do it even better, isn’t this exactly what you wished for.

Participation in the competition is subject to the following conditions:

The organizers will select four to seven plays produced by young theatre companies whose acting careers date back no more than six years prior to the festival.

The relevant documentation (registration form, professional background, information about the production and proof of performance, i.e. pictures / Vimeo link, dates and locations) should be submitted by July, 2019, at the latest. After viewing the productions, the festival organisers will decide which plays will receive the opportunity to perform at the festival.

A jury appointed by Aargau’s Cantonal Council and the festival organisers will judge the performances at the festival and will justify their decision at the award ceremony.

The prize will be awarded either to an individual actor or to an ensemble as a whole. Diploma work may be admitted if it has been developed further and taken on tour.

Deadline for applications 2020 is in the 31th July 2019

Eveline Gfeller, 9. 5. 2019

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