Days of Music Puppet Theatre

Alive puppets – Live musicians, 27 August – 2 September

Let us introduce you the two puppet-related workshops that will take place at the Music Village in Pilion, Greece. For more information click here.

Acting and Puppeteering

Michel Villee (Belgium)

Duration: 35 hours +

Working time: 10.00–14.00 & 17.00–20.00

Limited number of participants: max 18

Language: English, French

The workshop will start with basic exercises of puppet manipulation. Discover the difference of the work in association (the puppeteer “disappears”) and dissociation (the puppeteer is a character of the story).

We will also go through exercises aiming to analyze the questions of the question of the focus with or without a puppet. What does the public look at?

This done, we will go on with exercises and improvisations centered on the interaction between the puppeteer and the puppet, both in association and dissociation work. The objective is to discover together how to make lively improvisation, but also, improvisation that can be used in process of stage writing.

We will also develop on the week time a small project putting all the puppeteers and the puppets together, forming a choir.

Every day will start with a warming up. Then we will go through various exercises, ending the day with improvisation, solo or in group.

The workshop is addressed to professionals or non –professionals puppeteers, performers, artist in general that work with puppets.

Every participant should bring a full sized puppet, attached or not to the body.

Manipulating the Audience

Puppet workshop on the semiology of magic

Stathis Markopoulos (Greece)

Duration: 35 hours +

Working time: 10.00–14.00 & 17.00–20.00

Limited number of participants: max 16

Language: Greek, English

Tools and materials to be used are included in the total cost.

The workshop is a research on the reversal of the typical scheme of puppet theatre art, which places the puppeteer as the “life supplier” of the puppet for the sake of the spectator, and the change of roles: the truth is that the puppeteer is manipulating the spectator, the spectACTOR brings the puppet to life and the puppet is manipulating the puppeteer. This magic triangle has its own “laws” and tools and this is what we are going to explore.

The workshop is not about construction. The puppets to be used are going to be simple but will cover a wide variety of possible relations with the body of the puppeteer, the space and the medium of manipulation. Bringing your own puppets to discover new possibilities is also welcome.


- history, aspects and notions of puppet theatre

- basic techniques of puppet animation

- exercises for the hand and the body

- objects and subjects: the illusion of life

- exercises on the mechanics of motion

- relations between appearance, anatomy and functionality

- dramaturgy of rhythm and visual narration

- cosmogony and the integrated universes

- from realism to subtraction and symbolism

- non-typical puppet animation: from the traditional to its widened definition

Participation does not require previous experience, but the workshop is addressed to puppeteers, actors, dancers, musicians and visual artists with a special interest in the theatrical use of the puppet.

Particularly interesting will be the afternoon meetings of the workshop where we will collaborate with musicians of the musical workshops of the Village plus the other puppet workshops and altogether will produce short etudes of mus-visual narration.

Every evening, from the first day onwards, we will be putting a sound together with an image: Under the guidance of the director Kostadis Mizaras and the musician Eirini Zgouridou, we will be working together to produce short studies of audio-visual narration.

All these short studies are to be matched together as a vaudeville performance to be shown either as a whole or as a part of short repeated episodes spread around space and attended by the people while walking around the village.

Eleni Voyiatzidou, 7. 6. 2018

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