The Arlyn Award for Outstanding Design in Puppet Theatre is sponsoring a new book of photographs of contemporary puppets.

The (early) 21st Century Puppet will be an album of puppet portraits – studies of the artistic and sculptural qualities of today’s puppets.

“It has been some years since the last photographic collection was published,” says project coordinator Luman Coad, “This book will illustrate how puppets are thriving in the new millennium.”

Puppeteers around the world are invited to submit up to three portrait photographs of a puppet created since 2000. Colour photographs are preferred but black & white prints will be accepted. The photographs should be a study of the puppet figure and not the human manipulators.

The photographs should clear, no smaller than A5 (approximately 5“ x 7”), and no larger than A4 (approximately 8“ x 10”). Please ensure the resolution is 300 dpi and use either .tif or jpg format. (Remember, each time a .jpg photo is saved, more of the fine details are deleted. .pdf files will be rejected as the image loses clarity when it is converted.)

Each photograph will need the following information in an accompanying Word or PDF file: Theatre Name, Postal Address, Email Address, Production Title, Author’s Name, Designer’s Name, Year of Creation, How the puppet was used: Stage / Film / Video / Other. The following signed statement must accompany each photo:“Permission is hereby granted to Charlemagne Press to publish this photograph in ”The (Early) 21st Century Puppet. (signature)" Selection will be based on the artistic qualities of the puppet and the photograph. The closing date for receiving photographs is 1 September, 2018.

Please send the photo and text files to luman@telus.net

Luman Coad, 1. 4. 2018

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