Current issue: 4/2022

What will you find in this issue? There are four core materials.

The first is our cooperation with the Institute for Research and Study of Alternative Theatre, Puppet and Theater Creation in specific groups of DAMU and the Society for the Support of Puppetry Traditions. Together, we carried out a two-year research on the Czech puppetry tradition, and on the following pages you can read selected studies from the resulting publication Czech puppetry / Tradition and continuity (KANT, 2022). The second comprehensive block is a series of interviews following a very detailed analysis of the work of the S+H Theatre, which was written for us by Luděk Horký and which we already published in the last issue. The same author also adds interviews with Martin Klásek, Ondřej Lážnovský, Mariá Šimsová, David Janošek and Janka Ryšánek Schmiedtová.

The third significant material in the issue commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Geisslers Hofcomoediaten troupe – we present a study on the relationship between puppets and the Baroque, a precise analysis of the Geisslers’ work through the lens of puppet theater, and interviews with Petr Hašek and the Bohadlo siblings.

The fourth, in turn, points to the thirties of the ageless Continuo Theater and consists of a comprehensive interview conducted by Jana Pilátová with the Štourač couple and fragments of Marek Turošík’s dissertation, which examined Continuo in detail in comparison to the work of the famous Odin Teatret.

This time, the front page is decorated by the Kopečtí brothers from the production Bratři naděje from the Minor Theater. In addition to the fact that one of them – Gustav Hašek – received the Thalia Award in October for

the best performance of the year in the puppet theater category, this production, directed by Jan Jirků, managed to win the Theater Newspaper Award and at the end of November, the Erik Award awarded by the Czech UNIMA Center to the most inspiring puppet productions of the past season.

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