Current issue: 4/2020

In the fourth issue of Puppeteer of the Year 2020, we will look at the tradition of puppet theater. In what forms is it inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage and how the tradition differs from region to region around the world. We will see what Namsadang Nori, Opera dei Pupi is, what puppets they use in Belgium and France for ceremonial processions and much more.

The personality of the number is Blanka Joseph Luňáková. Thanks to the short window between the spring and autumn closing of the theaters, Loutkář again brings several reviews. However, coronavirus continues to cripple the theater world. You will learn how it affects theater festivals or giving drama classes for children.

Interviews with the theatrical ensembles Toy Machine, Akolektiv Helmut and Československé klacky will close the regular section presenting young creators.

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