Bábkarská Bystrica Tour 2018


Masterclass led by Damiet van Dalsum during the International Micro Festival 2016 (30th August – 4th September).

The economy of the the movement and the material.

The interaction between voice/sound and material.

The choose of the materie we use for making the objects and / or the puppets, is an important part of puppetry.

Each materie has his own sound and way of moving.

We will work with the sound of the materiel.

Each materie has his own movement.

We have to figger out what is the sound and the movement of the materiel.

The starting point of the this masterclass is our breath/breathing.

The puppeteer is the motor but he has to focus to the material/puppet/object.

We have to find the ritme in the materie in relation with the voice.

What can we do with the voices.

Excerises with the voice / excerises with the material. Who to find the combination.

Damiet van Dalsum (The Netherlands) wil lead the participants to create characters with material and objects. The participants will learn how to focus on the material and give material emotions though sound and movement. Damiet is renowned for expressing multiple meanings and deep human emotions trough her figurative puppets, her manipulation and sensitive voice.

Participants: puppetplayers, dancers, musicians, theatermakers etc.

Arrival 29th September

Masterclass will be held on30th, 31st August and 1st of September

Presentation the 2th of September.

The costs are 350 EUR (UNIMA members) or 450 EUR included bed and breakfast.

Damiet van Dalsum, 26. 4. 2016

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Bábkarská Bystrica Tour 2018

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